Balrene YinYang

18 June 1992 – 18 Sept. 2004



was bred by Dr. Ellen Brown, and I am forever thankful to the late Dr. Brown for entrusting this wonderful creature to me. I also have loving memories of the long since passed away Chris Elcock, who handraised and bottle-fed Yinnie at Dr. Brown’s practice. These two people are very special to us, and will never be forgotten. They have given us something very precious, Yinnie, who was our loving and faithful companion for 12 ˝ years.

Yinnie, you went over the Rainbow Bridge far too early

We all love and miss you so very much, you will forever be in our heart.

 Yinnie had the most perfect character I have so far found in any of my Lhasas. She simply was the sweetest, nicest and most patient female of my pack. She was of regal posture, had a very thick and luscious coat of beautiful sable color with an elegant headfall, and a beautiful typey head.

But the most striking feature was her smile! She could smile at you with her little mouth wide open, wiggling her tail at the same time graciously. Nobody will ever forget your smile, Yinnie!

 She used to sit right next to me at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, and rest her little head on my thigh, sighing with pleasure, and looking up at me with the knowledge of a creature that has 1000 years in Tibet in every gene.

 Nobody is yet allowed to take your place by my side at mealtime, Yinnie. You were my beloved companion and friend. You also were the most popular Auntie to all my puppies, since we were not blessed with puppies of your own, unfortunately.

 You went ahead to meet Tashi your onetime friend, and little Byi-wa.

Au revoir, we miss you and thank you for the joy you have brought us.

Gabriele and Hans-Joachim Engel

And all the Lhasa Apsos of Little Oaks

Lhasa Apsos of Little Oaks FCI Reg.