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Little Oaks Lhasalore

 I fell in love with the breed in the 1980s. Living in Canada at the time, it wasn’t before 1985 that I acquired my first golden colored Lhasa Apso puppy from a Northern Ontario breeder. This female, called “Tashi Dolma” combined interesting old American/Canadian lines including Hamilton bloodlines. In 1989, upon our return to Germany, I joined the KTR and established my kennel “Lhasa Apso of Little Oaks” according to FCI regulations.

 We enjoyed family life with our 3 Lhasas “Tashi”, “Amra” (Tashi’s daughter) and “Balrene Yin Yang” for several years. My engagement in the breed gradually increased, and the idea to show and breed was a natural development. Today I can proudly present several “Lhasa Apso of Little Oaks” champions and multi champions. My breeding activity is small scale and non-commercial, and from the beginning I aimed at improving my kennel with each litter and breed healthy, robust individuals with good temperament and close to the heritage of this ancient breed.

 Gabriele Engel